Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Where To Buy Mephedrone

You can Buy Mephedrone online, safely and securely using your credit or debit card. mephedrone available from Easy Mephedrone is 99.8% pure and comes in the form of white crystals.

Mephedrone (mephedrone, 4-mmc, methadrone) plant food is the highest grade specialist food available on the market today with a purity of 99.8%+, the product is very fine and white coloured with slight sweet smell. For adult plants add 1g to your watering can and water in avoiding contact with the stem. One can will cover 2-6 adult plants. The product can be top dressed on the soil around your plants and this will slowly release into the ground. 1g Can also be added to a watering can and watered in. Not advised for germination or younger plants.


  1. chris need physical address for tiger solutions so my bank will send wire, they waiting on my call and my plants are dying.Would send via creditr card but did not see that option

  2. Thank you for your post, I am looking for such article along time, finally i found it in your blog.